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Front desk

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Jilin Province-Changchun City-Chaoyang District
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Human Resources Department
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Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the answering and transfer of the front desk, do a good job in inquiries, and record important matters and communicate them to relevant personnel. Visiting customers, basic consultation and introduction.
2. Be able to cope with the work that the basic clerk needs to do, send and receive faxes, letters and newspapers;
3. Monthly attendance statistics, as well as settlement of company related office expenses;
4. Purchase and use management of office supplies;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
job requirements:
1. 20-25 years old, cheerful and easygoing, good image quality, sweet voice, affinity, well-dressed and decent;
2. Mandarin standard, with high comprehensive quality and potential for development;
3. Have a good sense of service, skilled use of computer, fax machine, copier, printer and other office equipment, skilled use of various office software, such as: word, Office software;
4. Have good communication and communication skills, proficient in various etiquette common sense;
5. Have certain organizational coordination ability, quick thinking and strong adaptability.

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