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Investment point and role

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2018/11/13 08:57
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1. An investment is another asset that is exchanged for the transfer of other assets;

2. Investment is an asset held by an enterprise outside the production and operation process;

3. Investment is an asset in the form of rights;

4. Investment is an asset with financial risk.

5, the investment cycle is very long, generally 5-10 years, not long called speculation.

1. The impact of investment on economic growth

The relationship between investment and economic growth is very close. In the economic theory world, the West and China have a similar view that economic growth is mainly determined by investment. Investment is the basic driving force for economic growth and a necessary prerequisite for economic growth. The impact of investment on economic growth can be analyzed from factor inputs and resource allocation.

2. Investment is the main factor to promote technological progress

Investment has a great impact on technological progress. On the one hand, investment is the carrier of technological progress. Any application of technological achievements must be reflected through some kind of investment activity. It is the link between technology and economy. On the other hand, technology itself is also a structure of investment, any one. The technical achievements are the products of investing certain human capital and resources (such as test equipment). The emergence and application of technological advancement are inseparable from investment.

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