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Keep in mind the forestry grassland mission

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2018/11/13 09:18
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Today, we are closer to achieving the glorious goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than at any time in history. We also need talents with ideals, pursuits, commitments and talents. "People are the most valuable in all things in the world. All innovations are made by people. Hard power and soft power, in the final analysis, depend on talent strength." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized talents. Leading the strategic position of development, creating a good environment for talent cultivation, and forming an innovative situation in which “the talents of the world gather in Shenzhou and the tens of thousands of frosts compete in freedom”.

In 2018, the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau was established to oversee the management of forests, grasslands, wetlands, desert and terrestrial wildlife resources for development, utilization and protection, organize ecological protection and restoration, carry out afforestation and greening, and manage national parks and other types. Responsibilities such as nature reserves, increase the protection of ecosystems, coordinate the supervision and management of forests, grasslands, wetlands and deserts, accelerate the establishment of a natural protection land system with national parks as the main body, and safeguard the national ecological security... New starting point, new mission, new journey, The forestry and grassland construction cause is more thirsty, and it is more and more urgent to use it before it can be used.

Under the new situation, how to strengthen the construction of a green talent team? How to melt the talent work mechanism system? “How to further drive the source of innovation? The National Forestry and Grassland Bureau Talent Center, as a specialized agency for forestry and grassland talent services, has been established for 20 years. However, how to coordinate the parties to solve these problems is the main task currently facing. Asked the wise man, asked the experts for advice, and was entrusted by the talent center. The reporter of China Green Times interviewed the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the famous forestry ecology expert, and the former president of Beijing Forestry University, Professor Shen Guozhen.

Deep soil thickening for the national national long-term

Talent is the first resource to realize the modernization of forestry and grass industry. Shen Guofan, who still squats in the grassland industry, believes that the forestry and grass industry lacks the “handsome talents” recognized in the relevant professional fields.

"To become a more strategic expert, we need to meet four necessary conditions: First, the fundamental driving force comes from the feelings of the home country, from the strong sense of responsibility to the nation and the strong sense of serving the people. Secondly, it should lay a solid foundation and have a higher The language level, foreign language level, mathematical level and relatively macro level of knowledge. Third, to participate in the practice, actively participate in the relevant activities of the forest and grass industry, and in this process, focus on the collection and accumulation of research data. Fourth, we must cultivate correct thinking methods, have a global concept and a dialectical concept, be good at rethinking and summarizing from various tasks, and find out the law or sublimate into ideological theory."

In the afternoon of autumn, the academician of the sun in the clear sunshine, though full of white hair, is spirited. This is a "old man" who loves the forest and grass industry deeply. Fame and fortune is already light, and the high-end scientific talents in the forest and grass industry are not the most worried.

In addition to the above-mentioned "four necessary conditions", Shen Guozhen believes that from the scientific research elite to the talents of the generals, it is necessary to support the environment of the state and society.

He told reporters that there are still many restrictions on the current research projects. Some of the talents with the potential of "hands-on" are struggling to read and think about writing because they are tired of dealing with tedious inspections, reports and other transactional work. "If you compare ordinary engineers and experts to 'blanks', let 'blank' be a finished product and a fine product. You need to concentrate on it and carry out a deeper level of improvement. Of course, this is a lifetime."

Shen Guofan said that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the 19th Academician Conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the 14th Academician Conference of the Chinese Academy of Engineering has filled the scientific research talents with confidence and light. The 57-year-old party member is eager to hope that the high-end talents in the forest and grass industry will be able to reverse the problem as soon as possible.

Shen Guofan sent a message to those "pre-skilled" people: "The research should not be limited to the nuances. If you want to get in and out, you can understand the bottom layer and the top level."

Heart-based grassroots

"In these years, I have ran through many grassroots forestry bureaus, forestry enterprises, nature reserve administrations, etc. If the county-level forestry bureaus are defined as 'base level', then the talents of college students from the forestry and grass professions are seriously deficient. In Shen Guozhen's view, another problem that is tied with the problem of high-end talents in the forest and grass industry is the shortage of grassroots talents in the forest and grass industry.

Shen Guoxuan said: "When I teach the graduate students, I often tell them that there is much to do in Green Mountain. You can build a root in one place, do a forest farm and build 100,000 mu of forest. You have a lot. If you look at the whole country, there are thousands of forest farms. If every forest farm can realize the passing of the old and middle-aged generations, if the talents we cultivate are willing to give the whole life to the foundation of the forestry industry, the correct policy, Policies and measures have been completely implemented to the grassroots level, and China's forestry and grass industry will continue to flourish."

Shen Guozhen told reporters that many grassroots forestry directors and forest farm directors also graciously called him "Shen Principal" - this is the fate of the training of some in-service forestry cadres in history. According to reports, in a period of time, relevant research institutes will conduct training for some forestry cadres with high school education for two or three years. After that, these forestry cadres still return to grassroots work. It turns out that this part of the grassroots has been trained. Talents, industry technology has been improved, execution has been further enhanced, and it has played a greater role in future work. "If we have more of these people, and then further open up the channel of technical staff, it may be better." Shen Guofan said.

Concentrate on Concentration to contribute more talents to beautiful China

The landscape, Lintian Lake and Grass jointly guard the life of the earth. After the reform of the institution, how can we contribute more talents to the beautiful China? This is the epoch proposition that forestry colleges must answer.

Shen Guojun’s “answer” is simple and firm:

"General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed that Green Water Mountain is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan. It is another major innovation and sublimation of our party's understanding of the laws of nature. The forestry and grassland departments are both the guardians of the green mountains and the main creators of Jinshan Yinshan. After the institutional reform, how to further coordinate forests, grasslands, wetlands, etc., and better coordinated development, talents are the key. The burdens of talent centers such as talent centers are even heavier, and certainly a good opportunity for a long time. Subject construction adjustment, grass science disciplines, and forestry majors should also increase grassland courses and learn grassland and grassland knowledge."

"In addition, from the perspective of protection and utilization, we should increase the expansion of students' knowledge, cultivate the concept of protection and utilization of coordination, and coordinate the development of ecology and industry. On the basis of ecological priority, wood production, wood processing, paper industry, etc. The green industry closely related to the national economy and the people's livelihood cannot be discarded."

"A line of love and a line of love, beautiful China calls for more blood. The construction of the motherland needs to take industry work as a specific support point. Only by truly recognizing the importance of the forest and grass industry can we fully devote ourselves to fear and hardship, harmony between man and nature. Development and struggle for a lifetime!"

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