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Party school teachers should use academics to talk about politics

Party building work
2018/11/13 09:34
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For a period of time, I have been thinking about how to get a class at the Central Party School and what kind of requirements and characteristics. Some time ago, the Central Inspection Team conducted a special inspection on us. It is one of the key points of the inspection to adhere to the party school surname party and observe political discipline and political rules. Therefore, the political requirements are iron rules for our teaching, and we must be ahead. The requirements in this regard are mainly to emphasize what should be said and what can not be said, and to redraw the red line and the bottom line for teaching activities. As for how to improve the classroom teaching level, this is a business requirement. In other words, the Central Party School's classes must have both political requirements and business requirements. The combination of the two requirements is a comprehensive requirement.

Chinese traditional culture pays attention to the name and reputation. Don't underestimate the simple words of the "Central Party School of the Communist Party of China", which contains the basic elements of our unit. What are the elements? The first, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, these four words indicate our hierarchy. The full name of our school is “the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China”, and every move represents the image of the Party Central Committee. The second, the party, is the word "last name", that is, the party school name. As General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "If the party school does not belong to the party, then the party school does not need to exist." The third, school, this is our "name", that is to say we are a school, is a teaching The task is to train educational cadres to improve their theoretical level, party spirit and ability. The combination of these three elements shows that our Central Party School is the place where the Party Central Committee was established to train senior and middle-level cadres of the rotation party. Such a name contains the requirements for our work, and of course the requirements for teaching work. Every day we enter and leave the school gate, the school name monument constantly reminds us and urges each of our faculty and staff to recognize their responsibilities and responsibilities.

The Party School’s surnamed party determines all activities of the Party School, including teaching activities. It must adhere to the banner of the party, the will of the party, the mission of the party, and strictly abide by the party’s political discipline and political rules. The party loves the party, the party in the party, the party in the party, and the party in the party. In the final analysis, it is necessary to maintain a high degree of unity in the ideological and political actions with the Party Central Committee." This is the request clearly put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Party School Working Conference. We must not compromise or make changes in implementing this requirement.

The party school is called the party. It is important to handle the relationship between obeying political discipline and emancipating the mind. In this regard, General Secretary Xi Jinping said very thoroughly. He said: "In the party school platform, public opinion on the major political and theoretical issues, we should consciously safeguard the party's prestige, safeguard the party's central authority, and consciously safeguard the image of the party school. We say that academic exploration has no forbidden zone, party school lectures are disciplined, But the 'no-forbidden zone' is not absolute. The words and deeds against the four basic principles, the wrong view of violating the party's theory and the line, principles and policies, whether open or private, are not allowed in the party school. This is the party's political discipline. The party school must adhere to the model." He also stressed that "we encourage and support emancipation of the mind, encourage and support the analysis and evaluation of relevant policies, but we must grasp the firmness of the political stance and the innovative organic unity of scientific exploration. Exploratory academic issues are tantamount to serious political issues, and serious political issues cannot be equated with exploratory academic issues. It is impossible to say that academic issues can be studied, regardless of the circumstances, and that they cannot be arrogant. Unconventional." The general secretary said so clearly, our teachers can hear Must unswervingly and practice.

Recently, I looked at the "Old Lecture" edited by the Ministry of Education in 2013 and found that all the famous teachers in the history of the Party School can both teach the lessons vividly and vividly, give people the enlightenment of the truth, and adhere to the principle of the party school. Adhere to political discipline and political rules. And now we have a lot of teacher classes that speak very well, and we don’t rely on sensationalism and political bubbling to win the respect of the students. Teacher Han Shuying said well: "For the party school teachers, the first problem to be solved is party spirit. If there is no party or party, then I don't think it is a teacher of the Central Party School." This is a sound statement. I agree. The teachers of the Central Party School speak the class, tell the quality, and speak well. That is the responsibility. How do you call the teachers of the Central Party School, how do you reflect the level of the Central Party School? Our teachers attend classes, observe discipline, and pay attention to the rules. It is also the responsibility. Is it called the "party school" or the "party school"? Therefore, our teachers must correct their understanding, unite the politics and the good lessons, and always tighten the string of politics. This year, our party will hold the 19th National Congress. Opening the 19th National Congress is crucial to the development of the party and the country. It is the responsibility of the whole party to create a good atmosphere for the opening of the 19th National Congress. Party school teachers are even more obliged. We must strengthen the management of the party school classrooms, forums, symposiums and media, and do not allow noise or noise, causing interference to the party and the country. In the last semester, we have separately issued disciplines on Yan Ming campus, lectures outside the school, and academic activities. I hope that everyone will strictly abide by them. All relevant departments and units of the school must strictly implement and strengthen management and supervision.

The Central Party School is a "school". This determines that we are talking about politics. We are not talking about politics in politics. We must use politics to talk about politics. We must theoretically explain the party's ideological theory and the central government's major decision-making arrangements. "With the power of theory and the power of thought, guide students to achieve true learning, true understanding, true faith, and true use of Marxism and its Chinese achievements." I have heard the story of Zhang Xuwen’s lecture. Probably in 2003, after the completion of all the courses in the middle school class, at the small symposium held at the school, one of the students said: "If you say "Feuerbach" like Teacher Zhang Xuwen, I believe that there will be more people of Marxism. Once again, she once told the students of the Chinese youth class about "Feuerbach". After class, a student from Shanghai handed in a business card and wrote on the back: "Professor Zhang, listened to you. In class, I felt that I really entered the party from my thoughts. In fact, in the class of Teacher Zhang Xuwen, there is no specific statement about how the Communist Party members should be, how should the party spirit be such a slogan, but touch the truth of the classic works. The student. The Central Party School has a complete disciplinary system, some disciplines have certain characteristics and advantages; and a group of theoretical experts have gathered, and some people have higher prestige in the party and society. With these as the foundation and support, we are fully qualified to use academics to talk about politics.

To speak the power of theory and the power of thought, we must increase the scientific research content of teaching. I have heard some students reflect that they feel that the teaching content of teachers' classroom teaching in the Party School is not high enough, the content of the lectures is not heavy enough, and there are phenomena of using documents to interpret documents. The students have not listened to the thirst; some teachers have not responded enough to the concerns of the students. The targeted effectiveness of the lectures needs to be improved. These reflections are worthy of our deep thought. Our current students have a high level of knowledge and theoretical level. In the classroom, teachers talk about their own research experience or put together other people's views. After careful consideration or floating on the surface, they can be heard at a glance. This kind of reflection is both a pressure and a motivation for our teaching. If there is no solid scientific research foundation for the topic, it is impossible to say that it is heavy, and it is not easy for the students to be convinced.

To increase the scientific research content of teaching, first of all, our teachers must have time to engage in scientific research and be willing to work hard to learn. The ass can't sit down, and learning will not automatically grow in our minds. A very important consideration for the Central Party School to engage in innovative projects in teaching and think tank construction is to promote teachers to sit down and engage in scientific research and deepen teaching with innovative results. Teaching problems, research and making a fuss. General Secretary Xi Jinping spoke at the National Party School Work Conference about "Thirty-three How". This is a common concern in the society, and it is also an ideological and theoretical issue that the students are highly concerned about. It is necessary to conduct in-depth research. To be more specific, which topics in the teaching are weak links, and what major theoretical and practical problems the students have brought from practice, it is also necessary to conduct in-depth research as a scientific research topic and make a targeted answer. The academic affairs department should arrange those scientific research projects with strong teaching in time to enter the classroom. The scientific research department should regard the effect of entering the classroom as an important indicator for the evaluation of scientific research results. At the same time, we must effectively improve our teaching evaluation, clearly increase the weight of the "academic support" indicators, evaluate the teacher's lectures with unique insights, and truly form a guide that emphasizes the content of teaching and research.

In the classroom of the Central Party School, although the teacher himself is the protagonist, he is speaking on behalf of the Central Party School, representing a certain teaching and research department of the Central Party School, which reflects the image and level of the Central Party School. Speaking well is to win glory for the school and to win glory for the Ministry of Education and Research. Poorly speaking, the teacher’s own face is dull and it also undermines the image of the Central Party School. Therefore, doing a good job of teaching is the collective responsibility of all of us. This is why we have repeatedly stressed the need to strengthen the collective reasons for class preparation. I have learned that the teaching and research departments of the various teaching and research departments are not the same in implementing the collective lesson preparation. Some of them are relatively realistic, relatively detailed, and the effects are better, and some of them are less effective. Collective preparation for classes should at least be done at these levels. The first level, the teaching and research section level, especially the head of the room as an academic leader, should be well-off academically, to prevent academic hardships; the second level, the leadership level, must be good political, can not comply with political discipline On the third floor, before the formal stage, whether it is this profession or not, everyone can raise their opinions together to see where they need improvement, need to be supplemented, and brainstorm. For new topics, newcomers, new courses, the director of the department in charge of teaching and the director of the teaching and research section must be checked at all levels. This is to form a system. We also have some special topics for teachers outside. This is needed, but we cannot pay for it for a long time, or we should pay attention to cultivating our own teachers at the Central Party School. Of course, teachers themselves must first work hard. The teaching and research section and the teaching and research department should also spend some time on collective preparation to help teachers grow up as soon as possible.

Our teaching work will be held once a semester, and each time we will focus on some issues and propose some improvement measures. The problem is listed, has it been solved? What measures have been put forward, and how is it implemented? In July 2016, we focused on the promotion of the classroom teaching level of the Central Party School in the teaching work conference. The speech drafted the school committee in advance. The opinions of the members therefore represent the views of the school committee. At the meeting, the reforms such as increasing the bidding strength of the topic and increasing the adjustment of the last position were put forward, and suggestions were held for organizing teaching counseling lectures, organizing teachers' special reading forums, and organizing public evaluation classes regularly. I don’t know how the implementation is and how effective it is. It is necessary for the academic department to make an assessment.

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