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The Central Party School launched the implementation of the individualized growth project of young talents

Party building work
2018/11/13 09:41
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In order to implement the spirit of the important speech of the National Party School Working Conference of the General Secretary of the Inauguration, Mr. Jin Ping issued the "Opinions on Implementing the Master Class Project of the Central Party School" in March this year. According to the overall deployment, the recent personal growth project of young talents in our school was officially launched. More than 100 young teachers focused on the new mission and new tasks of the Central Party School in the new era. Under the guidance of relevant leaders and experts of the Ministry of Education and Research, they analyzed the academic accumulation of the students. With academic interests, combined with the teaching and research tasks of the unit and the needs of discipline construction, the "Personalized Growth Plan for Young Teachers" was formulated. After declaring the defense, reviewing and recommending, 37 young teachers such as Wang Hao were identified as the first batch of planning access personnel, and became the first batch of selected personnel of the Central Party School Youth Talent Personalized Growth Project.

The individualized growth project of young talents is an important part of the “famous teacher project” of our school. It is an important starting point for the individualized planning and planning implementation of young teachers, to “establish the guidance of famous teachers, follow the law of talent growth, improve the growth mechanism of talents, and build talents. The growth atmosphere is focused on planning, building a platform, building a mechanism, creating an atmosphere, and striving to innovate in the aspects of youth talent system planning, training and development, evaluation and discovery, selection and use, and incentive mechanisms to create outstanding young talents to stand out. surroundings.

Inspire young teachers to be teachers and teachers. The Young Talents Personalized Growth Project aims to motivate young teachers to become the grand ambitions of famous teachers and actively guide young teachers to meet their own goals in accordance with the principles of political strength, professionalism and good work style, and actively integrate their academic ambitions, academic pursuits and academic interests into the Party School. In the main owner class, it is integrated into the theoretical work of deep learning, research and publicity of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Follow the law of the growth of young talents. The youth talents individualized growth project focuses on strengthening the young teachers' awareness of party loyalty and loyalty to the party school, and firmly determines the political position and political strength of the young teachers of the Central Party School, and realizes the transition from young intellectuals to qualified party teachers as soon as possible. At the same time, we will focus on grasping the best talents of young talents, and focus on solving problems such as separation of teaching and research, disparate training and use, and insufficient theoretical connection.

Improve the growth mechanism of young talents. The young talents individualized growth project plans to implement more effective targeted training and policy incentives, overall consideration, systematic advancement, focusing on the construction of teaching and research, academic exchanges, job training, study abroad, media communication and other platforms to encourage young people. Talents independently choose scientific research direction, set up scientific research teams, support interdisciplinary exchanges and integration of young teachers, and strengthen the overall study of the basic theories of Marxism, especially the research on the latest achievements of Marxism in China, and strengthen the study of major theoretical and practical issues.

Optimize the growth environment for young talents. The Young Talents Individualized Growth Project pays attention to creating an academic environment that respects talents, encourages innovation, and fails to tolerate, a proper living environment with no worries, and an open, equal, competitive and competitive institutional environment.

The new development of the party school in the new era requires the generations of party teachers to continue to struggle. The growth of young teachers largely determines the future of the party school. Under the leadership of the school committee, the school organization department will strengthen the implementation of the individualized growth project for young talents, coordinate the teaching and research units and relevant functional departments to work together to further develop a mechanism for caring for young teachers and building a stage for them to realize their dreams. And the atmosphere, let the creative vitality of young talents compete, and the intelligence and intelligence will flow in full, and write a youthful chapter for the new development of the Central Party School.

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