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Liaoyuan City Hengrui Agriculture and Forestry Development Co., Ltd.

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Liaoyuan Hengrui Agriculture and Forestry Development Co., Ltd. was established in February 2015. The company is located in the foot village of Dongliao County, with convenient transportation and superior location. It is 100km away from Changchun and is within the 2-hour economic circle of Changchun. It is an important breeding supply in Changchun. Rear production base. The company now has 21 original breeding farms and various breeding bases, including 10 pig farms, 5 deer farms, 1 cattle and sheep farm, 2 feed mills and 2 animal technology protection centers.

The current breeding scale is 20,000 heads, with total assets of 150 million and annual output value of about 50 million yuan. The company now has 120 professional management technicians, including 5 senior animal husbandry and veterinarians, 10 veterinarians, 28 intermediate technicians, 17 masters and above, more than 90% of college graduates, and Jilin Agricultural University. Many research institutes such as Changchun Agricultural School have also established extensive technical links and carried out extensive technical cooperation in the fields of genetic breeding, breeding techniques, disease prevention and control, feed nutrition and laboratory analysis.

The company attaches great importance to breeding work, constantly improves the breeding system, strengthens the selection and selection, introduces the good breeding pig genes in a timely manner, and strives to provide high-quality and healthy seedlings for commercial breeding around the breeding target of “production is much faster and faster”.

The company has always adhered to the modern ecological agriculture development model of “planting and breeding, ecological recycling”, and borrowed from EU farm waste treatment technology and “production of natural gas power generation” to follow “reduction, ecological, resource and harmless”. In principle, the farm waste will be returned to the field as organic fertilizer, turning waste into treasure and promoting the sustainable development of animal husbandry and planting.

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