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2020/01/06 10:36
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Investmentreferstoaninvestorwhoinvestsacertainamountoffundsinthecurrentperiodandexpectstoobtainareturninthefuture.Thereturnshouldbeabletocompensate:  (1)thetimewheninvestmentfundsareoccupied;  (2)Expe

  Investment refers to an investor who invests a certain amount of funds in the current period and expects to obtain a return in the future. The return should be able to compensate:

  (1) the time when investment funds are occupied;

  (2) Expected inflation rate;

  (3) Uncertainty of future earnings. (CFA definition)

  The investment activities of enterprises are clearly divided into two categories:

  (1) To lay the foundation for domestic expansion of reproduction, that is, cash paid for the purchase and construction of fixed assets, intangible assets and other long-term assets;

  (2) External expansion, that is, cash paid for external equity and debt.

  Chinese investment varieties

  1. Real estate. Many people invest in real estate, and a family buys n suites waiting for appreciation.

  2, bonds. Bonds include government bonds, financial bonds, and corporate bonds. This is less risky than stocks, but returns are also lower. You can choose compound interest calculation. Treasury bonds cannot be bought by many people. Good reputation, good interest rates and low risk are called "Phnom Penh bonds". Financial bond risks are relatively high, and corporate bonds have the highest risk and the highest returns.

  3. Stocks. China's stock market fell from more than 6,000 in 2008 to more than 2,000 in 2011, and the economy has grown but the stock has not risen. PetroChina's cattle companies are also bad in stocks. Buffett made a gorgeous exit from PetroChina after earning $ 3.5 billion Already. Some people say that China's stock market is very similar to Japan's. It can no longer reach a high point, and will only hover around 3000. It may be related to the powerful power of the Chinese government. There is also the psychology of the Chinese people to fear things.

  4. Precious metals. It has been hot in recent years. "Buy gold in troubled times", under the circumstances of the financial crisis, the European debt crisis, too many factors of world instability, and China's relatively high inflation, many people have turned to gold, a universal and stable value substance in the world. Many gold products of the bank, such as gold bars, paper gold, gold T + D. Many people also make overseas gold through some channels, but it is likely that they will encounter black platforms, and the companies whose money has been used by the platforms will be completely pitted away. The only gold trading institution recognized in China is the Shanghai Gold Exchange. China is hotter in silver speculation, with less investment, and gold has more capital requirements.

  5. Funds. Fund refers to a certain amount of funds established for a certain purpose. It mainly includes trust investment funds, provident funds, insurance funds, retirement funds, and various foundation funds. People usually refer to funds as securities investment funds.

  6. Short-term wealth management products for banks. A few days and a few months, the annualized expected income is about 5%. But this is "annualization". More suitable for companies or individuals with short-term large spare funds.

  7. Trust. At least 1 million, suitable for rich people.

  8. Collection of coins antiques. There are certain benefits, but it may take a long time and the benefits are not guaranteed.

  9. Private lending. At present, some institutions do private lending, and the income may be around 5%.

  Short-term investment refers to investments that can be realised at any time and are not prepared to hold for more than one year (including one year), including stocks, bonds, funds, etc. [1]

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