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How should the fund be scheduled to vote? Use four methods to teach you to be safe

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2020/09/07 17:16
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Fund fixed investment is an investment method in which a fixed amount of money is invested in a designated open-end fund at a fixed time, similar to the bank's zero deposit and lump-sum withdrawal.

  What kind of fund is suitable for fixed investment?

  Common fund types include currency funds, bond funds, hybrid funds, and stock funds. Among them, stock funds include index funds. Their risk rankings are monetary fund<bond fund<hybrid fund<stock fund. The profitability is positively correlated with the risk. The higher the profitability, the greater the risk.

   Among the four categories, the most suitable for fixed investment are hybrid funds and stock funds, especially index funds. The reason is that the decline and rise are relatively large. Speaking of this, it is estimated that many people will feel puzzled, why is the big drop and rise still an advantage?

   This is about the nature of the fixed investment of the fund. The essence of the fixed investment of the fund is to lighten up the high position and increase the low position. Market fluctuations will produce spreads, so there will be revenue.

  How to operate the fund fixed investment?

   1. Choose a platform with preferential subscription rates to reduce investment costs.

   When purchasing funds, the subscription fee rate is generally around 1.2%-1.5%, so choosing a good platform to buy can save us part of the investment cost, and from one perspective it increases our own investment income.

   Generally, there are three platforms for fund subscription: one is brokerage companies, that is, major securities companies. Generally, discounts are not strong and discounts are average. They will only offer discounts unless they are products issued by themselves. Second, third-party platforms often offer discounts, and fees are sometimes more favorable. The third is banks. At present, bank preferential policies are also very strong. For example, the current China Merchants Bank App and Wealth Management Channel’s index fund subscription fee rate is only 10% off. Apply here for discounts and convenience.

   2. Choose a high-quality fund

  To judge the quality of a fund, it needs to be measured in multiple dimensions and verified by various indicators.

   Take a look at fund performance. After selecting a fund, first look at its 10-year, 5-year, 3-year, and 1-year profit and loss, and then check whether this fund ranks close to the top 1/4 among similar funds in these years. Short-term performance, 6-month, 3-month, and 1-month profit and loss, whether it ranks close to the top 1/3 among similar funds.

   The second is to see the fund manager. Generally, one of the references for determining the stability of a fund is to see whether the fund manager is frequently changed, and the other is to see the performance of the fund that the fund manager has traded. At the same time, the working hours of fund managers are also very important. Generally, managers who have experienced a bull-bear market shift are better.

   The third is to look at the fund company. It is generally safer to choose a company with a longer operating time and a larger fund.

   3. Long-term holding

   A short-term rise or fall does not mean anything, and a fall is a good opportunity to increase positions, so fixed investment needs to be held for a long time. The rise is happy because of the appreciation, and the fall is also happy because of the increase in share.

  According to historical statistics, for long-term holding of high-quality funds, most of the returns from fixed investment are positive and relatively high. One of the principles is also that the return of the fixed investment is a "compound interest effect", and the interest generated by the principal is added to the principal to continue to derive the income. This "rolling interest" effect, as time goes by, the compound interest effect becomes more obvious. The compound interest effect of fixed investment takes a long time to fully manifest, and it should not be terminated casually due to short-term market fluctuations.

   4. Take profit and sell, and the bag is safe

  When the fund is fixed for a certain period of time (usually three years) and a certain amount, there will be a diminishing marginal effect, that is, the return will not be as obvious as when it was just fixed. At this time, you must consider redeeming part of the fund and put the proceeds into your pocket.

  We can set a take-profit line based on our own investment income. The average annual take-profit rate (average annual take-profit rate = return rate/investment years) can generally be set between 10%-20%.

When you reach your own take-profit line, you can choose to sell one-half, and then set a take-profit line higher than the current one, and then sell the remaining one-half after reaching the limit, and so on, redemption in batches Back, to achieve the goal of safety.

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