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The "2020 China Real Estate Innovation Conference" was successfully held. The real estate industry innovation under the domestic cycle should do so

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2020/10/31 18:25
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  Innovation is the first driving force leading development. The coming of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period also means that accelerating technological innovation has become the most urgent requirement of the real estate industry at present and for a long time to come.

  In this context, on September 29, the "New Products, New Technologies, New Models and New Momentums-2020 China Real Estate Innovation Conference" sponsored by China Real Estate News, China Real Estate Network, China Real Estate News New Media, and Zhongfang Think Tank Held at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel.

  The conference consists of 4 parallel forums, 6 keynote speeches full of dry goods, and 4 high-end dialogues, covering almost all current real estate innovation fields. Liu Hongyu, Professor of the Department of Construction Management of Tsinghua University and Director of the Real Estate Research Institute, Li Wenzhong, President and Director of the Social Committee of China Real Estate News, Shan Dawei, General Manager of China Real Estate News and Managing Director of Zhongfang Tongchuang Culture Media Co., Ltd., Long Rao Jiren, Partner and Chairman of Ann Group, Fan Jun, Chairman of China Department Store Business Association, Dong Li, Director of China Community Business Working Committee, Xiao Yong, Vice President of China Real Estate News, Associate Professor of Central University of Finance and Economics, Executive Institute of Zhongfang Think Tank Research Institute Chang Chai Duo and other industry experts, representatives of brand real estate companies and industry leaders attended the forum and delivered speeches.

  At the same time, the conference announced multiple lists including the "Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Companies in Comprehensive Strength".

  At the beginning of the conference, Li Wenzhong, President and Director of the Social Committee of China Real Estate News, delivered a speech. He said that with the profound and complex changes in the current economic situation, China's real estate industry is also in danger, but only innovators win. In the future, we still need to continue to innovate, continue to seize opportunities, and develop courageously.

  Liu Hongyu, professor of the Department of Construction Management of Tsinghua University and director of the Institute of Real Estate, analyzed the changes in the real estate industry environment from multiple dimensions, and these environmental changes provide space for innovation. At the same time, innovation will also become one of the driving forces of various internal and external environmental changes. "From the perspective of the supply side, we are paying more and more attention to how to improve the quality of supply and the sustainability of the supply side. The demand side pays more attention to the needs for a better life in the future, such as demand for improvement, demand for renewal, and demand caused by population migration. , Occupy a dominant position."

  Longan Group partner and chairman Rao Jiren analyzed the future development trend of China's real estate industry from the field of architectural planning. He believes that “the future belongs to those who prepare, and China’s real estate industry is still full of opportunities. However, the role of houses is no longer simply satisfying living, but leading the trend and planning life with design. Houses should be scene-oriented. Different population structures, Different stickiness and different living standards require different houses to live in. Therefore, when making industrial planning, we must avoid the wrong starting line."

  Chai Duo, associate professor of the Central University of Finance and Economics and executive dean of the Zhongfang Think Tank Research Institute, believes that real estate will face five environmental keywords in the future: mobility, expansion, tilt, overdraft, and change.

  "The key word of "Good House in China" is to serve people for the purpose of human beings, and ultimately serve people with the four means of technology, ecology, humanities and health." Coming to the summit dialogue session of the main forum, Vice President of Contemporary Real Estate and R&D Design Institute General Manager Han Feiyu, Deputy General Manager of Chuxin Real Estate, General Manager of Beijing Academy of Marketing Jia Yuze, General Manager of Planning and Design Department of Joy City Holdings Zou Ling, Consultant of Hubei Yujiang Group and Senior Researcher of Zhejiang University Real Estate Research Center Feng Yandong respectively talked about their views The view of "good house in China". In their eyes, a good house should not only pay attention to technology, but also "have something inside and out".

  The three important forums held by the same peers were equally exciting.

  In the "New Ecology·New Kinetic Energy 4th Prefabricated Building and Construction Industrialization Development Forum", Shan Dawei, general manager of China Real Estate News Agency and managing director of Zhongfang Tongchuang Culture Media Co., Ltd., emphasized that the development of new building industrialization is a Complex systems engineering requires the joint efforts of government departments, social organizations, and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain for its development and growth, as well as the promotion of the media.

  Ye Ming, chief engineer of China State Construction Technology Consultants and Secretary-General of the Construction Industry Modernization Development Committee of the Architectural Society of China, outlined six major issues in the development of the construction industry. He also said that at present, my country's economy and society have entered a new stage of development, which will start a new journey of building a socialist modern power in an all-round way. The construction industry must take a new path of development of construction industrialization and strive to achieve the goal of modernization of the construction industry. This is history. We must bear the responsibility and mission entrusted to us.

  The themes of the parallel forums held separately focused on "Breakthrough·Creation and Change under the New Model of'Responsibility' 2020 China Commercial Real Estate & Property Management Innovation Summit" and "Collaboration · Win-Win · Development 2020 2nd Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Forum" Cum China Cultural Tourism Health Care and Industrial Real Estate Innovation Summit".

  In these two forums, industry elites in commercial real estate and property management, such as Fan Jun, President of China Department Store Business Association, Dong Li, Director of China Community Business Working Committee, and Wei Kai, Managing Director of International Trade Property, shared their innovative experience in their respective fields.

  Li Naichao, President of Beijing Chamber of Commerce of Residential Real Estate, Wen Fenghua, Associate Professor of Central University of Finance and Economics, Secretary-General of Urban Transformation and Innovation Research Committee of China Urban Science Research Association of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and other experts in cultural, tourism, health, and industrial real estate discussed the "internal circulation pattern" Under the “Industrial Real Estate and New Development Concepts and Trends in the City, Cultural Tourism and Community” and other industry hot spots.

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